Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kids & The Dentist

September is Baby Safety Month so we wanted to dedicate the first week of September to issues and facts about Pediatric Dentistry.

Preventative Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral health practices should be instilled into children early! Here are a couple of steps to make it easier... 

Taking them to see a dentist. 

Many parents have asked us, "When should I start bringing my son/daughter to the dentist?" 

We always respond: "As soon as possible!" 

Even if your child does not have any teeth, bringing them in when you have an appointment allows them to become comfortable with the office, doctor and staff. 

Children learn by example, so seeing their parents (bravely) getting their teeth cleaned regularly will encourage them to be less apprehensive when it's time to get their teeth cleaned. 

At-home oral care.

Cleaning your child's mouth should be done every morning and every night before bedtime. 

Also, don't think you have to wait until their baby teeth start coming in! Take a clean, wet washcloth and rub your baby's gums to acclimate their mouth to cleaning. 

Once they have their baby teeth in begin brushing them with a child's toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of children's toothpaste. 

So remember, begin teaching proper oral care early and make sure that they see a dentist! 

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  1. I remember using a washcloth to clean my baby's gums and people wondered what I was doing. Then there was a little rubber scrubber you put on a fingertip to clean those first baby teeth. My son went to a pediatric dentist before he was two and has no cavities now at age thirteen. Teaching good oral hygiene habits really matters.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tanya! All that attention that you paid to your son's teeth paid off in the end. I'm sure he (and you!) is grateful that he does not have any cavities!

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