Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Syndrome

Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn't it? But this is actually a very serious condition that affects more babies than you think. 

Here's the 
of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Syndrome. 

WHO is affected by Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Syndrome?

Babies whose primary (baby) teeth have started to come in are the most common sufferers of this condition but it can extend to older children.

WHAT causes it? 

Primarily sugary drinks that are given to babies in their bottles. These drinks include: 
  • milk 
  • juice 
  • sodas
  • formulas 
  • etc...
WHEN does Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Syndrome occur? 

Babies are at risk for this condition when they are put to bed with a bottle or sippy cup that contains any of the drinks listed above and their teeth are not immediately cleaned. 

WHERE does the decay happen?

The upper front teeth are the ones that are the most affected but children's back teeth are also at risk. 

WHY does this condition happen? 

Adults sometimes think that because children's teeth are just temporary they don't need the same care as permanent adult teeth. So parents don't clean or make sure that their children's teeth are getting the required care. 

Baby teeth are just as susceptible to decay and other dental problems as adult teeth! When sugary fluids are allowed to sit on children's teeth the bacteria in their mouths feed on it and cause decay. (As they do with adult teeth!) 

HOW can Baby Bottle Tooth Decay be prevented? 

  1. Never allow your child to go to sleep after drinking a sugary (this includes milk and formulas!) drink without cleaning their teeth first! 
  2. If you need to put your child to bed with a bottle only put water in it! 
  3. Always brush and clean your child's teeth until they are capable of doing it themselves. 
  4. Take your child to their regular dental cleanings! 
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