Friday, September 14, 2012

Grub (That's good for your teeth!)

It's been drilled (no pun intended!) into us that there are certain foods that are downright dangerous for our teeth. You mention that you enjoy the occasional handful of gummy bears and people gasp and wag their finger at you, "Don't you know they're bad for your teeth?!" 

But today we're going to mention foods that are actually beneficial for our teeth. 

Detersive foods. 

Crunchy or hard foods that "brush" debris off of teeth while being chewed. 


raw vegetables

These foods have very little sugar (if any) and when raw act as a toothbrush would; lightly massaging gums and brushing teeth surfaces. 

Antibacterial foods.

Some foods have certain chemicals and minerals that kill certain bacteria in your mouth that can be harmful. 



Onions and garlic contain sulfur (odor causing, eye tearing sulfur!) which has impressive antibiotic capabilities. 

Maintenance foods. 

Your teeth have got it rough sometimes. They have to bite, chew, and grind your food and be the vessel for your bottled-up stress. So they need a little repair every once in a while. Here are some foods that provide the minerals needed for enamel rejuvenation.


dairy products
sesame seeds
protein high foods

Tea contains fluoride which strengthens enamel. Dairy products, protein high foods, and sesame seeds are all calcium-rich foods which promote strong enamel formation. Vegetables containing vitamin A form healthy tooth enamel in children. 

So, eating a diet rich in these food groups paired with proper at-home oral care and regular dental cleanings should give you significantly less dental problems and a beautiful smile! 

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