Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big Brother Dental Insurance

This new dental insurance program, Beam Dental, reminds me of the Progressive car insurance snapshot. Remember those commercials claiming you can finally pay for car insurance how you drive? The Progressive snapshot device sits in your car and monitors hard breaks, how far you drive, etc and in turn you pay auto insurance based on your driving habits. Well, big brother can now be in your toothbrush - monitoring your oral hygiene habits. Beam Dental insurance will send you an electronic toothbrush which claims to monitor "oral hygiene stats" and thus creates a dental insurance policy. Beam will also send toothpaste, floss and brush replacement heads every 3 months. For anyone who has overall good oral hygiene and needs minor restorations, this insurance might be worth entertaining- if you are willing to give up the privacy of your oral hygiene habits. However, major restorations do not seem to be covered by this insurance company. Read the whole article here:

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  1. This so-called insurance is of more benefit to the insurance company than it is to you!