Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saliva: your mouth's best friend.

How much do you think you know about saliva? 

We all know it plays a role in digestion. The breakdown of food begins with enzymes in your saliva. 


Saliva is also a type of defense for your teeth. Did you know that saliva provides physical, chemical, & anti-bacterial  protection from tooth decay? 

The Defenses

  • The Cleansing Effect: this is the physical defense against plaque and food particles. Salivary fluid dilutes and removes acidic components from dental plaque.
  • Remineralization: saliva contains certain chemicals (e.g., calcium, phosphates & fluoride) which re-build minor damages to tooth surfaces.
  • The Antibodies: immunoglobins found in saliva fight against cariogenic (cavity forming) bacteria in your mouth. But remember... once bacterial levels increase drastically in number the immunoglobins in your saliva are no longer strong enough to fight them alone.

Source:Bird DL, Robinson DS. Modern Dental Assisting. 9th ed. St. Louis, MI: Saunders and Elsevier; 2009


  1. While researching for my blog, I typed in "saliva is your friend" and found your blog. I'm currently in Philadelphia too- I had to say hello! Your blog is informative and really interesting. I'll be dropping by often.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Yesle. Looking forward to seeing more! And good luck in dental school!