Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

Missing teeth are never a good look. Socially, having gaps in your smile over the age of 11 is not cute anymore. Clinically, missing teeth can cause more dental problems than expected. 

So you have a missing tooth you want to replace; what should you do?

First, see your dentist. He or she will probably treatment plan you for either an implant or a bridge. 

What's the difference? 

Implants are endosteal anchors embedded in the bone acting as root tips.

Bridges are a prosthesis composed of three components: 2 abutment teeth and one or more pontic (artificial, fake) teeth.

Implants are the preferred method of tooth replacement. Why? Simple, implants allow for isolated replacement whereas with a bridge the two teeth on either side of the gap must be shaved down to serve as abutments. 

If you have any missing teeth you would like to replace, please call the office to make an appointment! 


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  2. I believe dental implants are often more economical than bridges. They are more conservative, have a high success rate, preserve bone and don't decay. In my experience, patients choose bridges over implants not because a successful implant isn't possible, but only because of higher up front cost. Implants are not only the standard of care, but a better value as well.

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