Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Importance of Flossing

Georgia, a baboon in the Paignton Zoo in the United Kingdom taught herself to floss:
“One of the older baboons was inspecting a broom head. Then I saw her pull out a bristle, examine it, pull it taut between both hands and very deliberately start to floss her teeth. She did it several times, both top and bottom set. I only saw the one baboon behaving like this, but she had several pupils, as she was being watched by other baboons.” -Paignton Zoo volunteer.

The intelligence and cleanliness of Georgia is astounding. Flossing is a major way to prevent cavities from developing between teeth. The bristles of toothbrushes cannot reach between teeth, allowing bacteria to multiply and produce acid which breaks down tooth enamel.
And remember "shoe shining" is not flossing. The floss should go between teeth and then under the gums and then in a "C" shape under the gum along the tooth.

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