Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fact or Fiction: If your teeth don't hurt there's nothing wrong.


Many times people don't think that they have to see a dentist because their "teeth don't hurt" or are "not bothering them". This is a common misconception about teeth.

Here's the truth:

If your teeth are hurting you, that usually means that instead of needing a filling (cheaper) a tooth now needs a root canal (more $$$$!)

Tooth decay is a slow and silent assailant. It doesn't make it's presence known until it ironically becomes very costly to fix the tooth.
In picture 1 you can see plaque sitting on the tooth's enamel surface. This plaque, if not removed, is fed on the bacteria found in your mouth.
In picture 2 the decay has started to damage the tooth. The acid by-product of the bacteria has eroded the enamel. At this point you will not feel any pain or discomfort because the damage has not reached the nerve of the tooth.
If you are seeing a dentist regularly he or she would be able to detect this decay and fix it with filling material before it gets any worse.  
In picture 3 the decay has progressed to the dentin. This layer of your tooth is not as strong as the enamel and therefore, decay proceeds at a rapid rate. At this point you may begin to feel sensitivity to cold or sweets.
In picture 4 the tooth's damage has reached the pulp chamber where the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth are located. The nerve becomes infected and inflamed thus causing you great pain. You will experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks and if left untreated, a serious abscess can form.
At this point the tooth's vitality is compromised and a root canal has to be performed in order to save the tooth. This can be very uncomfortable for both your mouth and your wallet!
Preventative dentistry is very important. If you get regular dental visits every 6 months you can eliminate extra expense and pain in the future!
Don't assume that your mouth is healthy just because it doesn't feel like anything is wrong!
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